Family Hylidae

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Litoria amboinensis
Litoria angiana
Litoria arfakiana
Litoria aruensis
Litoria auae

Litoria brongersmai
Litoria bicolor
Litoria caerulea
Litoria chloronata
Litoria congenita
Litoria darlingtoni
Litoria eucnemis
Litoria everetti
Litoria genimaculata
Litoria impura
Litoria infrafrenata
Litoria iris
Litoria kumae
Litoria mucro
Litoria modica
Litoria napaea
Litoria nasuta
Litoria nigropunctata
Litoria pronimia
Litoria prora
Litoria purpureolata
Litoria pygmaea
Litoria quadrilineata
Litoria rubella
Litoria sanguinolenta
Litoria thesaurensis
Litoria timida
Litoria umbonata
Litoria wollastoni
Litoria wisselensis

Nyctimystes cheesmani
Nyctimystes fluviatilis
Nyctimystes humeralis
Nyctimystes papua
Nyctimystes pulcher
Nyctimystes montanus
Nyctimystes rueppelli
Nyctimystes zweifeli
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